[11.5MB] Pokemon let’s go Mewtwo Gba ROM Hack Download 2021

 Pokemon let’s go Mewtwo GBA ROM Download

It is a Pokemon ROM hack based on the pokemon fire red version of the game. It is developed by Unbeatable Red. It is available in the English version and you can download the pokemon let’s go Mewtwo GBA ROM hack from the below link in the article,
pokemon fights and mega evolutions

Information of Pokemon let’s go Mewtwo GBA ROM 

Name: Pokemon Let’s go Mewtwo
Hack of: FireRed
Status: Completed
Size of Game: 11.56 MB
Updated On: May 16, 2020
Creator: Unbeatable Red

Description of Pokemon let’s go Mewtwo GBA ROM Hack 

This is the fire red ROM-based game. It has the same story as the fire red has but the graphics are way better than the old fire red GBA game. you may also like Pokemon Let’s go Eevee GBA 
Talking about the storyline here is the storyline is from generation 1 with the same story e as you are the player and you begin your game from pallet town after that you meet with the professor of and professor of tries to explain to you about this new world of Pokemon. 
You have to go to the root 1 and both the player means you and your rival will go to the professor oak and then professor OK will said to choose your first Pokemon as a start Pokemon then you have to choose your starter Pokemon out of three pokemon which is always the same.
This game has a lot of features that will keep you stick to this game and it will give you an addiction type of feeling to this game because this game is really really fantastic and the graphics of this game is ultra marvelous this is a hack of Pokemon Fire Red game so it’s not like it will be easy it will be tough. You would like these Pokemon Fusion dimensions

Features of  Pokemon let’s go Mewtwo GBA ROM Hack

so let’s talk about the features of this Pokemon let’s go Mewtwo GBA ROM so as I said in this game there are lots of new features has this is the hack of Pokemon fire red
  • In this ROM outdoor graphics are very improved and looks very fascinating
  • In this Pokemon let’s go Mewtwo ROM all the pokemon from generation 1 to generation 7 means all the 1500 Pokemon will be there and they were all will be catchable to you 
  • This ROM offers dynamics and Gigantamax, which is you may know that the Pokemon go big in the game.
  • All things are randomized
  • You can add Fakemon
  • In this game all Alola and Galar forms are available
  • This game is made up of two regions
  • All the mega-evolutions are available in the game
  • You can use all new attacks from the 4th and 5th generation
  • In this ROM All the fairy type pokemon are included
  • icons and sprits of 3ds
  • you will see the system of day and night in the game
  • Pokemon B/W menu background you can see in the game
  • The battle bases are like NDS Graphics
  • This game distribute the X/Y experience to the player
  • You can evolve the pokemon into the mega evolution
  • you will find many mega evolutionary stones in the game
  • The styles of HP bars has changed 
  • Survival to poison 
  • You can run indoors 
  • You will be able to catch all the legendary pokemon in the game
  • New TM and infinity TM 
  • you will experience the new Pokedex with new colors 

Following things are changed in this new pokemon lets go Mewtwo rom

  • Pokedex
  • Battle text box 
  • Menu start box
  • Dialog Text box
  • New Pokemon selection menu
  • The new pokemon summary section also changed
  • Repellent system B2/W2
  • Developer tries to add NDS-style Graphics
  • Capture EXP System also changed
  • Forgettable HMs
  • EV training Routs 

Images of  Pokemon let’s go Mewtwo GBA ROM Hack

mewtwo fights with different pokemon

Gameplay Videos of  Pokemon let’s go Mewtwo

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