[16MB] Pokemon 2050 GBA ROM Download

If you are also searching for a pokemon 2050 GBA ROM download or you want to download the Pokemon 2020 GBA ROM, then you are landed on the perfect website.

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Here I will show you how to download Pokemon 2050 and also I will try to give you pokemon 2020 cheats if available.

So let’s see what is the basic information of Pokemon 2020

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Pokemon 2050 GBA ROM information

Name of the game: Pokemon 2050
Creator of the game: sickanddullandplain
Language of the game: English
Type of game: GBA
Hack of the game: Emerald
This is the basic information of the game. Official credits are given at the end of the post.

Pokemon 2050 story

This is one of the classical types of game. In the Pokemon 2050 GBA game, there is a very interesting story. 
In this game, you got the chance of becoming the Pokemon trainer because you have to find the missing professor which was disappeared mystically.
What you have to do is to go to every corner of the city by seeking the whereabouts of the professor and complete your journey.
While finding a professor you can collect all the Pokemon and visit all the gyms and battle with the different Pokemon trainers and all the gym leaders.

Pokemon 2050 Features

This game has many interesting features that other games don’t have like these below.
  • This game has a separation of physical and special abilities
  • this camp provides the most set of generation 7 which is outstanding
  • In this game, trainer battles have no items
  • You can move tutors and team members that can be reused
  • In this game, the Pokedex used is the Pokedex that have Pokemon from generation 1 to 7

Pokemon 2050 GBA ROM Download

Pokemon 2050 GBA images

Pokemon 2050 gameplay video

Pokemon 2050 Cheats or Pokemon 2050 Cheat code

We are sorry but right now as this Pokemon 2050 GBA ROM is new so its cheats are not yet available. As soon as the cheats are available we will upload them to our best Pokemon download game website which is www.makehelpof.com


It is the very best game. You must give it a try.