[38.2MB] Pokemon Xenoverse Download English Version

Hello, guys today I will give you the guide for how to download the Pokemon Xenoverse game on your PC. As you might know, the Pokemon Xenoverse game was released 7 days earlier and now it is available for download in the English version. 

The game is basically in the Italian version but now it gives the option to download it in the English version also, So for downloading this game you can go through the below down guide to download Pokemon Xenoverse Game.

Pokemon Xenoverse Rom GBA

Pokemon Xenoverse is a new type of ROM hack of the old pokemon game. In this game, there are many places or regions you can say that is not ever seen before that’s why you will not get bored by playing this game. This game has multiple new features like new pokemon, items and shops, and areas which makes a wonderful experience for one who is playing this game. It is still in the beginning version of this game but it is truly very enjoyable.

Storyline Of Poke mon Xenoverse ROM

This game has a storyline of which makes this game more interesting. The story tells that the father of the character you are playing is suddenly disappeared in the thin air out of nowhere. So you have to find your father (the character’s father) in the whole game. In the game, there are lots of new pokemon that are added from the Pokemon Gen II, New maps with new places are also added with this approx. more than 600 items are also included.

One thing must be included here, That so many people have work on this game and make this game more fascinating, many developers have added or made changes throughout the game to make the game more challenging and engaging.

Game Info Of Pokemon Xenoverse 

Game Name: Pokemon Xenoverse

Author Name: Weedle Team

Platform: RPG Maker XP

Language: Italian and English

Release of the game: 2016

Size of the Game: 38.2MB {alertInfo}


It is very easy to download this game, Pokemon Xenoverse is released on riddle channels and you can download it from only official weedel channels ( website ). 

Other than this site you can’t download this game, Only on this site, the Pokemon Xenoverse Game is available and on the site, there are some screenshots and gameplay videos are also available that you can see that how is the game in real.

So without wasting any time let’s get started on our guide 

  • So the first step is you have to go to www.weedelteam.com.
  • From there you will see the window like this 


  • After scrolling down to the website you will see the download option and there are many guidelines shown there, that you should not violate like eg: remember not to download from third-party links the official downloads of xenoverse are released on this site and official weedle Websites etc.
  • So after reading the guidelines you can now download the game in the English version there are two alternative download links are available mirror 1 and mirror 2.
  • So you can download it from any two options there if in case option one doesn’t work option will be worked for sure.
  • After clicking on the download option you will be redirected to another website where a popup will appear and from there you can download your Pokemon xenoverse English Version Game Setup
  • The setup is about 38.2 MB which is a very small size you can easily download it within 1 or 2 minutes.
  • After downloading this setup you can go to the setup file and open the Pokemon xenoverse setup up and start installing the game on your PC and start playing

Gameplay Of Pokemon Xenoverse English Version 

New Features in pokemon xenoverse download android English version

There are lots of new features in this Pokemon Game ROM but here are some of the most amazing features from this game.

  • All new Maps and new regions
  • Overall more than 600 pokemon in the game
  • Mega evolutions of the game are also available
  • The fascinating storyline makes the game more exciting
  • A pleasing soundtrack that really sets the mood of the gamer for playing the game
  • You can customize the parties, which will help you trying to complete your journey through the Kanto regions and proceed to the further game quickly.
  • This is the best and most exciting game you will play.

Pokemon Xenoverse Download Link

That’s it, you have downloaded it and Now Enjoy it!