[6.03 MB] Pokemon Kanto Ultimate GBA Download

You can download the Pokemon Kanto ultimate game from this website. Here you can download the game and you will also see all information related to the pokemon Kanto region. You can also view the game features and information. 

Information of Pokemon Kanto Ultimate GBA

Name:– Pokemon Kanto ULtimate

Remake From:- Fire Red

Platform:- GBA


Release date:  November 17, 2017

Size of the game: 6.03MB {alertInfo}

Description of Pokemon

This game is the hack of the fire red GBA game. but in this game, you will find some different features than the original pokemon fire red GBA game.  You may also like Pokemon Let’s go Eevee GBA
This game is challenging and it will give you the revised Kanto experience. This game has an extended story. This game has a lot of higher difficulty than other fire red games. You would like these Pokemon Fusion dimensions
In this game has all the legendary pokemon are available. 
In this game has 386 pokemon are available. There are several rivals are available in this game. You can have all the generation 1 to 3 pokemon are available in this pokemon Kanto ultimate. 

Features Of Pokemon Kanto Ultimate

Pokemon Kanto ultimate GBA rom has many interesting features like, 
  • All generation pokemon are available from generations 1-3
  • It contains all features from this unofficial throwback
  • You will see the female rival this time based on the blue from the manga
  • You will get to know that most trainer sprites updated
  • Johto and Hoenn gym leaders are available in pokemon Kanto ultimate
  • All the elite four members are also placed in the game for some extra fun.
  • You will see all the characters from the Pokemon series.
  • All the legendary pokemon are available in this game from all the generation
  • All the evolution in-game work via level up, stone, or happiness.

Gamplay Of Pokemon Kanto Ultimate GBA 

Download Link for the Pokemon Kanto Ultimate GBA

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