[6.99MB] Pokemon let’s go Lugia GBA Download 2021

Pokemon let’s go Lugia GBA ROM Download 

Lugia pokemon in the screenshot

Information about Pokemon let’s go Lugia GBA Download 

Name: Pokemon Let’s Go Lugia

Hacked by: Stone Dragon Team

Based on: Pokemon Fire Red

This game is the hack of pokemon fire red which is design by the stone dragon team. This is the most amazing ROM I have ever seen. This is the pokemon let’s go Lugia ROM hack. You can also play pokemon lets go Lugia online. you may also like Pokemon Let’s go Eevee GBA 

today we will play let’s go Luciana by the stone dragon team and the new GBA hecarim is completing well you are on me, yeah asking to okay okay right yeah and the story is based on the ones so super awake slightly different the map doesn’t change with a new story. You would like these Pokemon Fusion dimensions

Adams canoes and more features such as a better system new muesli abilities experience to share for all pokemon, yeah and you know it’s the same app on let’s go Pikachu and let’s go easy and give me an IV checker and well I can say again this game is completely and this language for the story in Portugal but don’t worry because all the towns or atoms move and vanities English.

Features of Pokemon let’s go Lugia GBA ROM download

  • in this let’s go Lugia version game various new maps are added
  • In this new version, Lugia game new Updated Moves are also added
  • Region Johto’s Pokémons are visible on the map and Kanto region pokemon are only on the grass
  • Now in pokédex, the  information is given on how to evolve Pokémon
  • It does provide Exp.All
  • All pokemon have Infinite TM’s
  • It also provides BW2 repellent System
  • There is The physical and special division
  • You can find an Egg on the Route
  • there are Elite 4 (Can battle 5 x mix with Battle Tower)
  • Various Hidden items on routes and houses
  • You also have an EV / IV Checker

And many more features like that you can find in the game. The game is very fascinating that you will be addicted to this game.

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Pokemon Let’s go Lugia Cheat Codes 

Here are the videos in which you will find the cheat codes of pokemon let’s go Lugia. You can see the cheats code and apply it to your emulator.