Administrative changes in the English embassy

Administrative changes in the English embassy Following the advent of British rule, the new British There was an administrative method. Indians for a long time This method is completely different from the accustomed method Was. 

Administrative changes in the English embassy

A person of pure character and knowledge in the society Also pre-sale of land to religious and educational institutions Was inherited. In the new administration, such properties are closed Was performed. 

The power of the landlords was gone and the clans were oppressed He became poor because he had to pay for it. 

Same On the one hand, due to the application of the principle of law, Off the special kind of treatment that the upper class used to get On the other hand, the lower classes and the poor Ignorance of the new law and the new judiciary The cost-effectiveness allowed new laws to be enacted No. 

The common man in the past Directly to the court Could knock on the door. Reaching the English master Became distant now. 

Instead of Persian in government work English began to be widely used. This is the story of society The majority of people began to feel the difficulty. 

English lore It is true that government jobs became available to the educated Even high quality Indians are employed ‘Senior seats not available. 
Senior English Officers’ Natives Even the so-called (Indian people) people How do you do that?

This was described by Syed Ahmed Khan on the uprising of 1857 Written in your book. Of the English Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan gives some real examples of rudeness Also in the tenth volume of Indian History published Are mentioned. 

At the beginning of the English monarchy
The well-educated here thought that, respectively Indians will get a proper place in government. 

But Until then (until 1856) no Indian was in the council Did not get a position or a high position in government service Had not come. Hence the English educated generation