Best Bad Credit Personal Loans Guaranteed Approval No Credit Check Direct Lender

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Sometimes in life, everyone needs some emergency cash to fix some unexpected problems, like car repair, medical bills, consolidating a credit card debt, etc. and these unforeseen obstacles can be fixed by a small personal loan if you are short on cash. But if you don’t have a good credit score and you are looking for a personal loan lender then you might get disappointed to see that no one offers a good amount of personal loan to a bad credit holder.
Then you might look for bad credit personal loan guaranteed approval no credit check direct lender to get a personal loan and still you find nothing. But in this article, I am going to show you how you can get a personal loan bad credit direct lender without any headache.

Bad credit personal loan guaranteed approval no credit check direct lender

So the company which is going to give you the personal loan is was established in 1998 and since then they have helped nearly 750,000 people to get loans. It offers many different loan products like an unsecured loan with various loan amounts with an affordable annual interest rate and monthly payments.
So if you also have very bad credit then you can apply on With you’ll have high chance of getting approved for your personal loan.
So how can you get this loan how to apply, what documents will be needed for this loan, and what steps you need to be taken to get qualified for this loan, we are going to discuss all these in this article so let’s find out
  •  Loan amount starting from $200 to $5,000
  • Instant Credit within 24 hours.
  • No credit minimum score is required
  • Tursted by over 750,000 consumers.{alertSuccess}
  • Credit Loan is not a direct lender.
  • You wont get to know the interest rate before applying for the loan. {alertError}

Interest Rate of

The interest rate offered by to you entirely depends upon your credit score and how much amount you are applying for. The APR (annual percentage rate)  will be higher if your credit score is less than 560 and it will be a minimum to 7% if your credit score is as good as 720.

Minimum Credit Score Require for Loan

The minimum score required for a personal loan is between 350 to 700. Since it is not a direct lender platform many lenders are available here to approve your bad credit personal loan.

So a minimum credit score is not required on this platform. you can apply with any credit score and you will be approved if the lender agrees with it. You will be get approved with any credit score but in this case, you will get a high APR because you have a bad credit score.

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Loan Amount Offered by can offer you a loan amount between $250 – $5000. It doesn’t matter if you have a bad credit score they will give you the amount you required if you are qualified by the lender.

If you have a good credit score they can also give you a personal loan up to $40,000  with a low-interest rate it entirely depends upon your credit score, So make sure you have a good credit score if you are applying for loans that are higher than 5000 dollars.

How To Qualify

  • If you are a new york resident you cannot apply
  • you must be 18 years old
  • You must have an American bank account
  • You can not have an active bankruptcy case
  • you must have a consistent income

Documents needed

  • You must need to provide valid identity proof
  • You must have to provide a DOB
  • you must have an American bank account
  • You must have a social security number

How to Apply for A Loan

Before you apply for this personal loan please read all the details about this loan in this article and then apply for this loan
if you are ready to apply loan Go to you will see e a website page over there click on get started, now follow these steps
  1. Choose your state:  here you have to choose your state which state you belong to and let the network know that you are applicable for this loan or not s
  2. Provide your name email address zip code and click on next
  3. Enter the amount how much you want to borrow between two $250 – $5000
  4. The website then will ask you about the phone number, you have to enter your phone number and they may send a text message or push notification to confirm the loan request
  5. After that, a web page will open which will ask “you are an active member of the military “this could affect the type of loan you are qualifying for
  6. The following webpage will ask you about your total monthly income it can include full time or part-time employment you can also choose the options for security social disability retirement public assistance and unemployment benefits
  7. After that, you will have to enter whether you receive your income by paper check or direct deposit to your bank account you also have to clarify whether you have a checking account you must have an active checking account in your name to qualify for the loan
  8. The following screen will ask you about your credit score if you are not sure about your credit score then you can enter an estimate option as excellent, good, fair, bad credit.
  9. You will then have to add your home address and whether you own a home or not
  10. The next step you to do is enter how often you get a paycheck, is it monthly weekly, or twice the month
  11. In the final step you must have to provide your social security number and your date of birth this is how the website will access the soft credit pool that it will forward to its partner lenders
  12. On this website you have to give your social security number, the driver’s license will not be accepted over here


If you are looking for bad credit personal loans guaranteed approval no credit check direct lender then credit is a perfect fit for you it can give you a loan with bad credit also.
It is trusted by 750,000 people and it is also featured on CNN,  LendingTree, the Wall Street general, and also on many other magazines.  so it is a very trusted website you can get a personal loan with bad credit here.
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