C3.ai Stock Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, and 2050

Based in Redwood City, California, C3.ai, Inc. (NYSE: AI) is an enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) software business committed to revolutionizing industries via the use of cutting-edge AI solutions. We will examine C3.ai’s profile, investigate its primary business, and perform a fundamental analysis in this in-depth study, with a particular emphasis on the company’s potential for revenue and profit growth. We will also see c3.ai stock price prediction for the following years: 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, and 2050.

Quick Overview of C3.ai Stock Price Prediction

Here is a quick glance at the c3.ai stock price prediction for those who don’t have time to read the article, you can easily check the given price prediction of c3.ai for any given year from below. Still, we suggest reading the whole article to get the full picture of these price predictions.

YearMinimum TargetMaximum TargetPercentage Change
2024$35.00$45.00+26.49% to +62.85%
2025$48.00$59.00+73.60% to +113.00%
2030$72.00$85.00+160.65% to +206.47%
2035$90.00$102.00+226.70% to +268.32%
2040$125.00$145.00+352.29% to +425.27%
2050$160.00$185.00+478.60% to +569.03%

C3.ai Profile

Founded in 2009, C3.ai is a well-known player in the enterprise AI software market, with its headquarters located in the centre of Silicon Valley. Before changing its name to C3.ai in June 2019, the business was formerly known as C3 IoT, Inc. With its main office located in Redwood City, California, C3.ai has made a name for itself as a top supplier of AI-driven solutions for a range of sectors.

About C3.ai

The C3 AI platform, C3 AI Ex Machina, C3 AI CRM, and the C3 Generative AI Product Suite are just a few of the many products that C3.ai offers and the wide range of applications they serve. The solutions offered by the organization include a wide range of topics, including energy management, supply network risk assessment, sustainability, production schedule optimization, and inventory optimization. With the help of these apps, businesses can better utilize AI to streamline processes, make data-driven choices, and maintain their competitive edge in a market that is always changing.

Strategic alliances are essential to C3.ai’s expansion plan. The business has worked with major players in the sector, including Google, Microsoft, Raytheon, Booz Allen, Baker Hughes, and AWS (Amazon Web Services). Through these collaborations, C3.ai is able to leverage the advantages of top technology and business companies, improving the functionality of its AI products and broadening its market penetration.

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Fundamental Analysis of C3.ai

We will perform a fundamental study of C3.ai in this section, with a particular emphasis on two important areas: revenue analysis and profit growth analysis.

Overview of Revenue

One important indicator of a business’s capacity to make money from its operations is revenue. According to C3.ai, total revenue as of the most recent trailing twelve months (tTM) statistics available was $273.85 million. This number shows that the business is becoming well-known in the enterprise AI software market and has been effective in commercializing its AI solutions.

revenue projection
credit: finchat.io (revenue projection of c3.ai)

A noteworthy feature of C3.ai’s revenue performance is its remarkable 10.80% annual rise in quarterly revenue over the previous year. This consistent rise indicates the growing need across various industries for C3.ai’s AI solutions. It also emphasizes how dedicated the business is to consumer involvement and innovation.

The promise of C3.ai’s AI-driven applications to improve productivity, cut expenses, and stimulate strategic decision-making has made them popular. C3.ai is positioned to profit from this trend as long as businesses pursue digital transformation and use AI.

Analysis of Profit Growth

One important component of a business’s financial health is profitability. The profit margins of C3.ai highlight areas that need improvement. The company is not currently functioning with a positive profit margin, as seen by the reported profit margin of -95.43%. It’s critical to understand that early-stage digital companies frequently put innovation and growth ahead of quick profits.

c3.ai revenue and profit growth
c3.ai Revenue vs Earnings chart

The reported operating margin (ttm) of -102.39% indicates that the business is experiencing significant operational losses. Even while these numbers could worry you, it’s important to realize that the corporate AI software market requires large expenditures in infrastructure, people, and R&D.

With a return on assets (ROA) (ttm) of -16.36%, the company’s assets are not currently producing a profit. In a similar vein, the return on equity (ROE) (ttm) of -27.34% indicates that, at this time, shareholders are not getting a good return on their investments.

These numbers are typical for tech organizations, particularly those involved in cutting-edge industries like artificial intelligence. The goal of C3.ai is to establish a large and robust customer base, frequently at the price of short-term financial success.

Important Financial Information Table

Here is a table with important financial statistics summarized for a more thorough view of C3.ai’s financial health:

Fiscal Year EndsApril 29, 2023
Most Recent Quarter (mrq)July 30, 2023
Profit Margin-95.43%
Operating Margin (ttm)-102.39%
Return on Assets (ttm)-16.36%
Return on Equity (ttm)-27.34%
Revenue (ttm)$273.85 million
Revenue Per Share (ttm)$2.44
Quarterly Revenue Growth (yoy)10.80%
Gross Profit (ttm)$180.46 million
EBITDA-$284.79 million
Net Income Avi to Common (ttm)-$261.33 million
Diluted EPS (ttm)-$2.34
Total Cash (mrq)$750.88 million
Total Cash Per Share (mrq)$6.35
Total Debt (mrq)$4.02 million
Total Debt/Equity (mrq)0.43%
Current Ratio (mrq)8.08
Book Value Per Share (mrq)$7.91
Operating Cash Flow (ttm)-$73.5 million
Levered Free Cash Flow (ttm)-$96.28 million

C3.ai Stock Price Prediction | C3.ai Stock Forecast

Source: finchat.io c3.ai stock analysis

There is a great deal of uncertainty involved in predicting stock values, which can be impacted by a variety of factors such as macroeconomic trends, market dynamics, and corporate performance. The following are the projected stock prices for C3.ai for the given years:

C3.ai Stock Forecast 2023

YearMinimum TargetMaximum TargetPercentage Change
C3.ai stock price prediction 2023$26.50$37.73+36.38%

Market mood and the company’s performance in the AI software industry are anticipated to be reflected in C3.ai’s stock price in 2023. Considering the increasing need for AI-powered solutions, a cautious projection for 2023 may put the price per share between $26.50 and $37.73

C3.ai Stock Price Prediction 2024

YearMinimum TargetMaximum TargetPercentage Change
C3.ai Stock Forecast 2024$35.00$45.00+26.49% to +62.85%

As the company keeps growing its clientele and product offerings, C3.ai’s stock price might witness favourable momentum in 2024. It is reasonable to anticipate a price per share of between $35 and $45 if the company continues on its current growth track.

c3.ai Stock Price Prediction 2025

YearMinimum TargetMaximum TargetPercentage Change
C3.ai Stock Forecast 2025$48.00$59.00+73.60% to +113.00%

By 2025, the price of the stock can be somewhere between $48 and $59 per share. Growth might be fueled by partnerships with IT giants and the ongoing acceptance of AI solutions.

C3.ai Stock Price Prediction 2030

YearMinimum TargetMaximum TargetPercentage Change
C3.ai Stock Forecast 2030$72.00$85.00+160.65% to +206.47%

C3.ai might become a big deal by 2030 participant in the market for business AI software. Targets between $72 and $85 per share are feasible if the business maintains its competitive advantage.

C3.ai Stock Price Prediction 2035

YearMinimum TargetMaximum TargetPercentage Change
C3.ai Stock Forecast 2035$90.00$102.00+226.70% to +268.32%

If C3.ai maintains its leadership position in the AI sector, the stock price may rise in the future. It is not impossible to estimate a price per share of between $90 and $102.

C3.ai Stock Price Prediction 2040

YearMinimum TargetMaximum TargetPercentage Change
C3.ai Stock Forecast 2040$125.00$145.00+352.29% to +425.27%

There is a lot of uncertainty in forecasting stock prices for 2040. An aim of $125 to $145 per share is conceivable, though, if C3.ai keeps innovating and adapting to the changing needs of enterprises.

C3.ai stock price prediction 2050

If C3.ai continues to be a leader in the AI software industry, the stock price may eventually rise to all-time highs. It is not impossible to estimate a price per share of between $160 and $185.

YearMinimum TargetMaximum TargetPercentage Change
C3.ai Stock Forecast 2050$160.00$185.00+478.60% to +569.03%

It’s critical to remember that the above C3.ai stock price predictions are researched and could alter depending on a number of variables. Investors ought to investigate the market, think about how much risk they are willing to take and assess these forecasts in light of their overall investing approach.

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C3.ai, Inc. is a significant player in the enterprise AI software market, providing a broad range of AI-driven solutions to companies in different industries. The business is set up for future development and influence thanks to its creative strategy, astute alliances, and dedication to AI technology.

Although C3.ai is a leader in the AI space and has seen strong revenue growth, it is not yet profitable. This is typical of the technology industry, where businesses put immediate profitability second to growth and innovation.

Our Suggestion

Investors who are thinking about investing in C3.ai should thoroughly assess the company’s financial results, competitive environment, and the overall dynamics of the AI business. The stock price forecasts presented here are conjectural and need to be considered possibilities rather than guarantees.

C3.ai is positioned to gain a substantial market share as the need for AI solutions grows. Its long-term growth potential is demonstrated by its strategic collaborations with leading industry players and its commitment to improving AI capabilities. However, investors should continue to be conscious of the risks that are specific to the technology industry and make wise financial choices.