Download YouTube Videos To Computer Via Website, Software’s & Chrome Extensions.

How To Download YouTube Videos To Your Computer.

If you are looking for how to download the youtube videos from directly youtube to your any kind of device. Then you are on the right spot.

How to save Youtube videos to your pc

I will suggest some methods, by using them you’ll be able to  download the youtube videos on your computer, iPhone, iPad, android device, etc. regardless of the device you’ve got it doesn’t matter. 

Without wasting any valuable time let’s get start

Does YouTube Really Allows You to Download the YouTube Videos ?

NO NO NO , Youtube doesn’t  allow anyone to download the youtube videos from the third party sites or apps, But youtube allows you to download youtube videos only on the youtube app, 

As you may have used it you would know that the video you download from the Official youtube app, You cannot share it to anyone, you can’t watch them to the other video player. 

You can only watch them within the youtube app only where you downloaded the video.The video you saved within the youtube app becomes the data of the youtube app which you can’t find easily in the file manager. 

That’s why people search for the third party sources which can download the youtube videos  and store them as mp4 or mkv or any video file . Which they can send it to anybody via any media share app and watch them in any video player.

Downloading youtube videos violates youtube terms and conditions. But in the market and on the internet there are several ways available to do the job for you. You need to just find them.  

But don’t you worry we have done the half work for you.

Down Below are some methods by which you’ll be able to download the youtube videos to any device you’ve got.

How to Download Youtube Video to PC Without Software

So friends down below i suggest some websites from which you’ll be able to download the YouTube videos to your device without any problem. 

You can open this website on any device and then you can download your YouTube video to any device no matter if you’ve got  a PC, iPhone, Android device or macbook.

For saving the YouTube video from these websites you have to follow the steps to which are given below. Each step is approximately similar to every website.

First of all you have to go to YouTube and look out for the video which you want to download.


How to save Youtube videos to your pc

Then just click on the share button of that YouTube video and copy the link.

How to save Youtube videos to your pc

After you copy the link of the Video just go to the website, and place the link of the video in the search bar of that website.

How to save Youtube videos to your pc

Forward that you have to click on the search or download button to proceed. ( It’s not that every website has the same button some website has the analyze or start, Don’t get confused just click on the button)

How to save Youtube videos to your pc

After you click on the button the website will start analysing the video link and show you a list of video qualities (Resolutions) up from 144P, 240P, 360P, 480P, 720P, 1080P, and even 2K,4K also if available.

How to save Youtube videos to your pc

You have to choose the option of quality of the video, In which resolution you want to download the video.
That’s it ! After clicking on the download button your video should be begun to download.

[ The only disadvantage of this website is that you can’t download the videos in bulk. ]


Y2mate is the no. One website which allows you to download the youtube videos in highest quality. This site can provide you with the videos which were originally uploaded on youtube. Ex. If a video was originally uploaded in the 1080p quality then this site can provide precisely the same quality 1080P. This is the plus point of this website that’s why this site is on the no. 1 of  the list.

How to save Youtube videos to your pc

It is the foremost trustworthy website I know. From this website youll be able to  download all the YT videos you want, even which are restricted in the Official youtube app. From this site you can download the youtube videos upto 720P resolutions. 

How to save Youtube videos to your pc


It is additionally the best website for saving the Youtube videos. With this website you can download the youtube videos in MP3 and mp4 formats. You just have to follow the steps given above to save the video.

How to save Youtube videos to your pc

It is the simplest website I have ever seen. This website interface is very smooth and simple. You just have to paste the link and click on the download button and it will start analysing the video and present you a window with the variability of video qualities in which the video is available. This site also provides the MP3 download of the video. 

How to save Youtube videos to your pc

Top 5 Free YouTube Video Downloading PC Softwares 

There is plenty of softwares which provides you to download the YouTube videos but they are  not trustworthy. They are either filled with the viruses or full of spamy things. I’ve given some software names here which are completely free of cost and which can provide you the best service of downloading YouTube videos with simple click and without any viruses.

The downloding content is available in various video and audio formats. You can download your youtube videos all at once. In these software you can simultaneously download up to appx. 10 downloads at a time. If you need to download daily youtube videos then these software’s are best for you. So let’s move on….

  • Software Availability : Free
  • Video Download Option : Available 
  • Download Quality : All Quality
  • Bulk Download : Available

4K Downloader

This software is available in paid and free version.LIke Like its name this software can download the youtube video upto 4K and 8K also if available. 

In this software you can download your playlist directly from the youtube playlist and directly save  the whole playlist. This is the remarkability of this software. You can also save the channels from youtube. 

4K Dowloader to save youtube videos

YTD Downloader

YTD Downloader is the best software if you are going for the free software to download the youtube videos from youtube. It can allow you instant access to download from the youtube.

YT Downloader to save youtube vidoes to computer


5k Player

This is also the best software you can use to download the youtube videos to your computer for free.

5K Player to save YouTube videos to computer

Winx YouTube video Downloader

With this software you can download the youtube videos to pc without any problem.

VLC Media Player

You might be surprised by knowing that VLC Media can actually download the youtube videos. Yes VLC media can download the YT videos but it has only one drawback. This software can not allow the saving of the youtube video less than 1080P quality. It means you can only download the Youtube videos in this software in MKV quality or 1080P.

VLC Media to save youtube videos

Best Chrome Extensions to Download the YouTube videos to Computer

Here are some extensions of chrome that you should use to download the youtube videos. 80% of the internet users use the chrome browser to browse. Therefore chrome has some helpful extensions that you can use to download youtube videos. 

Here goes the list……

One-Click Video Downloader Chrome Extension

Chrome Extensions for downloading youtube videos
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