How to Bypass Facebook Code Generator 2024

In this article, you will learn some methods by which you can bypass the Facebook code generator to log into Facebook.  Many people are searching for Facebook code generator bypass 2024 these days because of reasons like either they have lost their mobile phone they have lost their SIM card or their phone is broken.
If you lost access to your mobile phone or you can’t get the two-factor authentication code or Facebook confirmation code generated by the Facebook code generator.
Then, I will show you how to bypass the code generator problems and how to take care of these problems in the future.
So without wasting any time let’s get to the point of How to bypass the Facebook code generator in 2024 read the full article till the end only then you will understand the detailed explanation of how to bypass the Facebook code generator in 2024.
Bypass facebook generator code Method to login Into FB


So here are some ways that you can use to log in to your Facebook account if you forget your password or lost your phone.

How to log in to Facebook when you lose your Phone & can’t use a Facebook code generator?

When you enable the Facebook generator code in your Facebook account and you lose your phone, it kind of becomes a problem for you. 
You can’t log in to your Facebook without the OTP.
Let’s see which sidesteps you need to take to Facebook code generator bypass 2024.

Facebook Code Generator Bypass – 3 Ways

So let’s see the different methods by using them we can hopefully log in to our account.

By sending a TEXT MESSAGE on the SIM.

Bypass facebook generator code Method to login Into FB
This method can be used when you have the SIM of that mobile. Only and only then this method is possible.
Conditions like phone break, water damage of the phone. You just have to put that SIM in another phone and the generated code will go on that mobile.
In that way, you can easily get your Facebook account back.

By using recovery Codes.

Bypass facebook generator code Method to login Into FB
When you are setting up the two-factor authentication method you have the chance to also set up the recovery codes, when you can’t get access to the generator code you can log in using the recovery codes. 
It’s essential to set up the recovery codes before you set up the recovery codes.


It acts as the backup plan to the Facebook code generator when you can’t get access to it. 
Always remember to add the recovery codes to the Facebook code generator.

By using the login from an authorized device

Bypass facebook generator code Method to login Into FB
Some of us mostly use Facebook on different devices like the home computer, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and all are logged in to our accounts.
You can use this method to log in to your Facebook account when you lose your phone. 

Unless you cleared or finished the session of Facebook on that particular device. If you cleared the session then no one can save you.

But most of us have always logged in to our home computer, or any other browser on our smartphone, You can use that also.

That’s it these are all methods that are used to bypass the Facebook code generator.

If nothing from the above works for you then you have only one choice to send a report to Facebook. To check and give your account back to you.
What is a Facebook code generator?
The Facebook code generator is a two-step verification method or two-factor authentication method in the Facebook language. 

 It is the method that is used to secure your Facebook account from hackers or spamming. The Facebook code generator is nothing but the other security or protection layer on your Facebook account, other than your username and password.

It is seen in only the Facebook app of the ios and Android. On the Facebook website, it is called two-factor authentication.

How Does Two-Factor Authentication Work?

Facebook already has the security to keep its users’ accounts safe from any hackers or scammers.
Although Facebook also provided other methods for us to protect our account with an extra level of security and that method is a two-factor authentication method. 


In this method, every time we log in to a Facebook account from an unidentified device or from any other location than we used to log in to our FB account, we have to do the two-step verification before logging.


If you use the text messaging method to Facebook code generator then a text code will pop up on your phone.
And then you have to do the verification of the code to confirm that it is you who is logging in to your account.

How to prevent Facebook accounts from being hacked with the help of  Facebook confirmation code.

Bypass facebook generator code Method to login Into FB
You can prevent your account from using this method. Facebook confirmation code is useful for those who want their Facebook account more secure. 


Some people have business accounts or some people have very important personal information on Facebook that they don’t want to share with anybody, these kinds of people can enable the Facebook confirmation code in their FB accounts.


This method prevents your account from getting hacked or handled by others just by knowing your password.  


By this method, if someone does know your password and he tries to login into your account, you will get a notification and ask for the OTP.
This way you will immediately know that someone tries to log into your account. Hence you can prevent your Facebook account from hackers.

Where to Find Facebook Code Generator in New Facebook Layout

It was very difficult in the previous versions of Facebook. But now in 2024, Facebook has updated its layout so it’s easy now to find the Facebook generator code or FB confirmation code. 
let me show you the following pictures and you will get where you want


Now Click on the down arrow which is on the right-hand side of the homepage of the Facebook menu of the PC or mobile phone. Click on settings and privacy

then click on the setting option,

Bypass facebook generator code Method to login Into FB

In the settings option click on the security and login options,

Bypass facebook generator code Method to login Into FB


Then you will see the Two-factor authentication, then click on the Use two- Factor authentication option
Bypass facebook generator code Method to login Into FB


You will now see the window like this 
Bypass facebook generator code Method to login Into FB

Now you have to choose one security method from the two
Bypass facebook generator code Method to login Into FB


The first one says that you can generate the verification code in an app like google authenticator or Duo Mobile google apk.


The second one says that you can generate the Facebook confirmation code via Text Message to the given no. your link to Facebook. It will send the SMS to your phone for two-factor authentication.


You can select any method as you wish, But I would suggest going with the Text message method because it does not require any kind of data or the internet to send you the authentication code.

How to use the Two-Factor Authentication Method

After you reached this tab,
Bypass facebook generator code Method to login Into FB
you have to select the 2nd method. Click on the USE TEXT Message (SMS). One pop-up window will appear and it will ask to choose the Mobile No. you want to send the SMS.
Bypass facebook generator code Method to login Into FB


If you haven’t added the two no. it will send a code to your Mobile No. automatically.
Bypass facebook generator code Method to login Into FB


After you enter the OTP into the boxes click on the continue tab and it will start verifying it.
One popup will appear that will says, Your Two-factor authentication is ON
Bypass facebook generator code Method to login Into FB
That’s it. 
You have now enabled Two-factor authentication on your Facebook account.

How to find and use the Facebook code generator on Android or iPhone.

In the phone on the android or ios version of the Facebook app. 
Click on the 3 bars on the right-hand side of the app. Then click on the setting and privacy.
After the setting and privacy option expands click on the code generator.
Then click on the activate button to activate two-factor authentication means getting the code.
Then you will see that there is a tool that generates the code every 60 seconds
You just have to put the code in the Facebook two-factor authentication boxes which are on another device in which you want to log in.

Who should use the Facebook verification code and why?

Here’s my suggestion as to who should use the Facebook confirmation code or two-factor authentication method.
Only the persons who have their business on Facebook and some very important data and conversations are available on Facebook.
Only they should use this method. Frequent users don’t enable this method.
It is very annoying whenever you try to log in to your account.
You are asked to do the verification every time you log in. 
So, my final suggestion would be to not enable it unless you need it. 


Always remember to add the recovery codes before you enable the Facebook code generator for better ease.


Bonus Tip: Always change the Facebook account passwords,within 6 months.
Keep the frequency of changing passwords 2-3 times in 6 months duration. It will automatically protect your Facebook from being hacked.
Hope this article was helpful to you and you now know the ways to recover your Facebook code generator and bypass Facebook code generator.

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