Festival Information About Ramnavami, Hanuman Jayanti, Nagpanchami

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Chaitra Shuddha Navami is the day of Rama’s birthday Celebrated all over India as ‘Ramjanmotsav’. Its Since Ayodhya is in Uttar Pradesh, come to that area Special importance is given to the day, as well as Nashik (Maharashtra), Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh), Rameshwar (Tamil Nadu) 

Along with this, Ramjanmotsav will also be held in the villages at 12 noon Celebrated at. On this occasion, songs were kept in obedience to Ramamurti That is to say, the ritual of feeling like a cage is prevalent all over India. In many places to recite Ramayana from this day Comes. 

According to scholars, the period of the kings of the Raghu dynasty is BC. 2350 to 1950. Hence the antiquity of this festival Will be noticed.

Hanuman Jayanti

Hanuman jayanti

Rambhakta Hanumana as Maruti (Marutputra) in Maharashtra Recognize. The name Bajrang (Brajang) is also popular. 

Chin He is called Hanuman because of his special organs. It is included in Saptachiranjivat. His birthday Six days after Ram Navami is Chaitra Shuddha Pournima Sunrise is celebrated all over India. Celibacy, Maruti due to its virtues of strength worship and character development Recognized in folklore. 

Samarth Ramdas in Maharashtra Swami started his worship and established eleven Marutis Kelly. 

Even today, Hanuman is worshiped in monasteries, temples and training camps Is done. Such as

Akshayya Tritiya

Like Gudipadva, Akshayya Tritiya is a festival day Observed as one of the three and a half moments. Vaishakh pure This day is called Akshayya Tritiya. 

From this day Of the four ages, the Krita or Treta age began, Religious is a traditional understanding. Earlier on this day Vishnu, Shiva And Jalkumbh Brahmana for the thirst of Pitar Shraddha rituals were performed by giving. 

Come because of Aquarius The day took on a festive look. Any good deeds, This day is auspicious for the beginning of Vratacharan or industry business Is considered. In Maharashtra, this festival is called ‘Akhaji’. 

Maheri is brought to the in-laws on that occasion. Also one year with Shetkari Mandali Saldara (farm laborer) Make new agreements. It is binding on both of l them throughout the year. In some parts of India, this day is called ‘Parashuram Jayanti’. Is therefore celebrated. Parashuram is the incarnation of Vishnu, Sapt One of the immortals, the destroyer of evil forces, Renuka Devi’s son, Etc. is familiar in various contexts. 

His in Kerala The chronology of the name ‘Parashuram Shak’ is common. In Konkan This festival is held on a large scale in the temple of Parashurama near Chiplun Happens.



The festival of Nagpanchami is completed on the day of Shravan Shuddha Panchami Celebrated in India. Krishna suppressed Kalia Naga There is a popular belief that this is the day.

 ‘Nag’ is basically Non-Vedic (Dravidian) deities of the people and non-Vedic-non-Vedic After the confluence, Nagpuja spread. More fear of death than cobra As such, his worship must have become commonplace in public life. This festival is considered feminine. 

Women real snake  or Worship the serpent image. On this day plow the field, land Daily activities like digging, chopping vegetables, burning beehives are prohibited Are considered. 

By tying the knots in public places after the snake worship The festivities are celebrated by playing various games. Scholars at the ‘Nagkup’ shrine in Kashi, North India Pandits worship Nag. As the serpent-god in the province of Bengal Mansadevi’s, while in Rajasthan, Pipa, Nagdeva as Teja Pooja is performed.