Fiverr Phone Verification Problem Solved ( 3 Steps Guide with Pictures)

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Here are the step by step guide to fix the Fiverr phone Verification Problem

Hey guys, If you are also facing the same Fiverr phone verification failed problem or you want to bypass the Fiverr phone verification problem then you are at the right place.

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Let’s start… Recently I made an account on Fiverr. I go to & I registered there with my email id then complete the process of the sign-up. After the sign-up, I was asked to create the gig. For those who don’t know the “gig” gig is the word which is used for the type of service, you can provide to the customer. 
In that gig creation tab, it asks you all the things about the service you are providing. For example How much is the price you want to be set for your service and what is the description of that service etc? I filled in all the information it asked for and finally went to the last step which was the Fiverr phone verification step. 

I click on the verify now button. Then a pop-up window opened which was asking to verify the phone by two methods.

  • SMS or OTP Verification method.
  • Verification by Call.
I choose the 1st method SMS verification method by mobile number. Another pop-up window appeared after that and it was showing that your SMS or OTP has been sent on your phone. A few seconds later I received an OTP. 

Then I entered the OTP but what I realized is that the fiverr phone verification was not working. The Verify Now button was not touchable I tried many times but the Fiverr Verify Now button was not working at all.

I was doing all this process on my smartphone, So I thought that this site might not work properly on the Android browser that’s why I opened the Fiverr website on my computer thinking that it might work. But unfortunately on the PC too, I was facing the same problem. So I started searching for the solution to this problem.

When I searched Fiverr phone number verification not working on Google it shows me the result which is the site from saying that you are using VPN and please try to remove the VPN and then try again but in actual I didn’t use the VPN at the first place so that results was not enough.

Therefore I struggled a lot to find the solution to this problem and finally, I founded the solution. Here is the solution to the Fiverr phone verification failed Problem.

Steps To Solve This Problem.

Step-1:  Go to the Google Play store and search for the Keyboard Application which is shown in the picture below and download it from there.

Fiverr Phone Verification Failed

Step- 2: Open the application and Enable the Keyboard as your default keyboard for a while (as shown in pictures below)

After you install the keyboard app to just have to open it and you will see a page and on that page, you have to tap on enable keyboard after you click on the enable keyboard it will get you to another tab in which you have to select that keyboard as shown below.

Fiverr Phone Verification Failed

Fiverr Phone Verification Failed

Fiverr Phone Verification Failed

Fiverr Phone Verification Failed

Fiverr Phone Verification Failed

Step-3: Now Just enter the OTP in the OTP box using this keyboard and you’ll see that your OTP will be inserted in that OTP box.

Fiverr Phone Verification Failed

Fiverr Phone Verification Failed

Here is the Full Process Step by Step

So the reason is that according to me as I found in my research anyhow it is caused by our keyboard. Yes, it is caused by the keyboard if you change your keyboard then it can be solved but on a PC or Mac book or any laptop, you can’t change the keyboard.

[ Tip: You can use the floating keyboard in some cases it might work. ]

So to solve this problem you have to use your Android smartphone. So what you need to do is go to the google play store and download any keyboard app you want which needs to be different from Google keyboard in my case I used this app, which Shown in the picture.  

Don’t worry, This app is safe and you can uninstall it if you want, after its use.

So after you download this app to your Android phone you just have to install it. After you are selected the keyboard as shown in the image you just have to go to the app and click on the set input method after a click on the set input method a window will be a popup asking to choose the keyboard and you have to choose this keyboard I as mentioned below in the image.

Then you have to go to the Chrome browser and open the site and login into your account after you login into your account you have to go to the verified phone number page then you have to click on the verify by SMS or by call as you wish after you receive the OTP code on your phone.

A popup window will be open to enter the OTP you just received wait, you don’t have to enter the OTP yet, you have to do another little step.

Sorry, I don’t have the screenshot cause this process doesn’t happen twice. After choosing the keyboard, You just need to go to the Chrome browser and type your OTP in that web popup box, and in this case, now you will notice that after you have typed the OTP in that OTP popup box the verify now the button will be showing green appearance it means that it is now ready to be clicked and after you click the verify now green button. 

It will show you that your phone number verification has been successfully completed and you will get the email like this as I got.

Congratulations you have now approved your phone to Thank You…!

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