Importance Of Columns in Newspaper

 Importance Of  Columns

Column writing has become extremely popular in newspapers and other media today. The same importance of news has come to column writing today. The list of columnists in many newspapers has also been a subject of interest to readers. Text on a particular topic is published on a particular day, it can be called ‘Sadar’, ‘Stambh’. Such columns or headlines have a special significance in making the face of a newspaper eloquent. 
Importance Of  Columns in Newspaper
Bachak is added to it. Readers can grow. Many well-respected newspapers show awareness of column writing, with writers writing on various topics and interacting with readers. The tradition of writing columns and columns in Marathi newspapers dates back to one and a half hundred years. Today, the format of column writing focuses on some contemporary issues and the format of the headline is on regular text-giving. 
Considering all this, in the world of Marathi newspapers, the thread of social awakening and social awareness was very strong in the first half of the 19th century; It turns out. The weekly ‘Prabhakar’ was started in 1841 after the promoter of Marathi news ‘Darpan’ Kar Balshastri Jambhekar. In the issue of the weekly ‘Prabhakar’, ‘Shatapatre’ of Lokhitavadi was published from 1848. This is the beginning of column writing in Marathi newspapers. 
Gopalrao Hari Deshmukh was doing this writing with the direction of awakening and the duty to awaken the society. The editor of this weekly was Govind Vitthal alias Bhau Mahajan; He was a staunch supporter of social reform. So it must be said that the centipede came into it quite naturally. It is noteworthy that in the first half of the 20th century, Prabodhankar started a collective called ‘Lokhitwadi’. Dr. Ambedkar republished ‘Shatapatre’ in his magazine ‘Bahishkrit Bharat’. 
If the social reforms in this letter had been noticed by the society, the change would have been easier today ‘, said Dr. Gauravodgar. Was drawn by Ambedkar. The special influence of column writing is considered to be very great in the western newspaper world. Newspapers Handbook states, “Personal columns ‘work’ when the voice speaks in particularly original notes.” Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. It goes on to say: 
“The writer’s personality should always shine through the copy.” This experience comes to many when reading columns by well-known authors. In his book How to Succeed in Newspaper Journalism, David Stephenson makes it clear that successful and good columnists benefit newspapers, even increasing consumption. 
What are the features of column writing? How does it benefit newspapers? According to Stephenson, the following can be said:
(1) Column writing can give a newspaper a face of its own.
(2) Columns of eminent popular writers strengthen the image of the newspaper.
(3) Readers buy newspapers just to read certain columns.
(4) The editors encourage readers’ reactions and opinions due to the many topics in column writing.
(5) It is also found that in column writing, the style of the writer overcomes the content.
(6) Column writing can cover a wide range of topics, from local subjects to the many latent things in our minds.
(7) Light Phulki language and examples from 1 life of Avati-Bhavati have also remained the feature of column writing. 
I have already mentioned the ‘centenaries’ of the populists regarding column writing. This tradition was carried on with great force in Marathi newspapers. Column writing is considered to be of special importance in Indian newspapers and in the Western world as well and is considered an integral and necessary question of daily newspapers. From ‘Washington Post’, ‘New York Times’, ‘Guardian’, ‘Times’ to ‘Hindu’, ‘Times of India’, you can see different forms of column writing, all the features mentioned above. Today ‘morning’. ‘Maharashtra Times’, ‘Lok Satta’. All the major Marathi dailies like ‘Lokmat’ have given a lot of space to the daily Akat column writing. 
In recent times, the fascination with sports news has grown. Sports news has become very important not only in newspapers but also in electronic media. Not to mention the love of cricket in particular. The winners in cricket, chess, and tennis have gained a large subscriber base from newspapers to various television channels. The occasional column of these well-known players has now become an integral part of the newspapers. Apart from Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri, Sandeep Patil, Dilip Vengsarkar and Kapil Dev, Ajit Wadekar and Bishan Singh Bedi also appear to have written columns on cricket during the season. 
In this type of column writing, the relevant newspapers try to get new readers and more. Critics of sports also write columns; But now that the actual player is writing, it has gained special significance. Chess players like Praveen Thipse or Raghunandan Gokhale are currently writing regularly about their game. This is a different kind of awareness created in the form of column writing. Columnists who write in their own unique style are especially important to newspapers. Political-social-literary-breath
There is a long tradition of writing columns on natural-educational-economic topics in Marathi and other Indian language newspapers and periodicals. It is necessary to mention it briefly, but a very big note has to be made. Khushwant Singh, Kuldeep Nair, MV Kamath, Prafulla Bidwai, Tavalin Singh, Shobha Dey, Manjula Padmanathan, Sachchidanand Murthy, MJ Akbar, Harsh Bhogle, Veer Sanghvi and Dilip Padgaon are the main columnists in English newspapers. 
Featured columnists like Khushwant Singh, MJ Akbar, Padgaonkar and Shobha Dey have a special readership. Renowned Hindi comedian Harishankar Parsai also used to take Kabir’s couplets from Hindi dailies and write columns commenting on the contemporary situation. Parsai’s sarcastic style and eloquence make his writing a wonderfully readable book even today. 
The political mallinathi of Parsai’s writings is not out of date even today; It feels like that. Sada Dambare, who was the editor of the supplementary issue of Raviwar Sakal from 1982 to 1988, contributed to the success of column writing. It is very rare to find a new awareness, a new subject, a true awareness of the world of journalism. Dumbare’s range astonished the readers. Vyasangi critic Prabhakar Padhye’s ‘Abhalatil Abhre’, comedy writer Bal Gadgil’s ‘Sakalche Un’ Senior critic P.M.V. Rajadhyaksh’s ‘Pakshiki’, Laxman Mane’s ‘Bandh Darwaza’ and Chhaya Datar’s ‘C-Purush’ were all very different and readable. The scholarly reactions of knowledgeable readers also led to ideological debates on the occasion. 
Dumbare himself is known to readers as a stylistic columnist. Reflection, the first page is what he has consistently written in the headlines of his weekly ‘Sakal’. Books containing his collection have also been published. (Reflections, Decades of Dumbare are worth reading Dumbare’s columnist books.) There is also a place for journalist writers who write columns for ‘Maharashtra Times’ and ‘Lokmat’ dailies. Ashok Jain’s ‘Kanokani’ is popular and Madhukar Bhave’s ‘North-South’ in ‘Lokmat’ is popular. Nikhil Wagle urged activists, writers and artists to write columns in the daily ‘Apalam Mahanagar’. Sanjay Pawar, Anant Bhave, Avinash Mahatekar, Manohar Kadam, Dr. Rajendra Barve, Dr. Anand Nadkarni, Pradip Karnik’s different and fresh writing can be read in this column of Sayandainika. Senior researcher Dr. YD Phadke also consistently wrote from this issue. 
Veteran playwright Vasant Kanetkar, an avid writer and an avid speaker, has been a regular contributor to Lokmat. Special mention should be made of Nirmal Kumar Fadkule. Due to the tradition of writers writing quality literature in Marathi, a large list of quality readable columnists can be found in Marathi newspapers and magazines. Shankarbhau Kirloskar (Kirloskar Magazine), Kolhatkar, Haribhau Apte, Achyut Balvat of ‘Sandesh’ were the columnists of Marathi periodicals. 
Recently, Vijay Tendulkar, Govind Talwalkar, Venkatesh Madgulkar, Madhav Gadkari, Sada Dumbare, Lata Raje. Madhukar Bhave, Mahavir Jondhale, Arun Tikekar, G.W. Along with Behere, Prabhakar Padhye, Aruna Dhere, Shankar Sarda, Sh. Navre, Arun Khore, column writing of Pratap Asbe, Dashrath Parekar, Shrikant Patil, Kunal, etc. has become famous.