Importance of Local subject in the Local Newspaper

 Local subject Importance

Municipal elections, municipal elections, Zilla Parishad elections, water supply issues, advantages and disadvantages of many government schemes, many issues related to farmers and workers are important at the local level. It is very important to present it. Newspapers, therefore, get local references. Today, the media has brought the whole world closer together. 

Importance of Local subject in the Local Newspaper

The ninth subject is being dealt with. Many references have now been added from your village to the international platform. The communication revolution has made it easier to connect with the rest of the world. So many new topics besides traditional ones are now adding to the uniqueness of journalism. It would be appropriate to give another example of this here. 

India has recently signed an agreement with the World Trade Organization; This has made it easier for many foreign goods to come to India without an essay. This transaction has now gained momentum in the new open economy. What will come from abroad, what will be the result; Discussions are in full swing. What’s happening since Chinese-made goods hit the market; The newsletter depicting it can certainly be readable and omnipresent. 

The same is true of other imported goods, which are readily available in the Indian market. The impact of this on the local market can be gauged from the newsletter with detailed information and analysis. In recent times, another topic with local context has become important, namely school and college admissions. Growing cities, migration from rural areas for education and jobs, and fierce competition have made access to education a major problem. 

Good and quality schools again. The depressing state of government schools, the speed, all these things come to the fore every year during the admission period. The administration and the government, which is reluctant to add new classes or new units, hence the simmering question of admission, the insistence of students and, more importantly, parents, to study at an institution that is reputed to be far from home but far from home. 

This topic related to education has been mentioned many times in newspapers. This writing has a social value for solving questions, finding new solutions; This is something we should keep in mind. Trying to get public opinion on public festivals has become a common and important topic in recent times. Should there be a subscription for a public festival; 

There are a number of issues that need to be addressed in order to celebrate the festival. From that point of view, it is also the duty of a journalist to write a newspaper on this subject. Telling people something they don’t like; Insisting on justifying them and not harming public peace; It takes skill to write newsletters on these topics in such a way as to appeal. 

Of course, while writing all this, the concerned journalist/writer has to make his / her shidori in a scholarly manner. This type of writing requires a mature vision that combines information, attention, and social awareness.