Importance of News Feature in Newspaper

Importance Of  News feature

In today’s world of journalism, the word FEATURE has become more important than the word NEWS. This is because the news has gained importance following the news. The news alone will not satisfy the reader; So the newspapers feel the need to give him more information; At that time such newsletters are written. There is no age like news; Similarly, the attraction of all subjects is in the case of newsletters. It contains news; But there is more to it than just the background, the information. It is used to check, mature, and comment on information. 
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This type of writing is mainly done by newspaper reporters, sub-editors and independent writers. In the Oxford Dictionary, Feature means special article or main article. There is a definite and attractive place for these newsletters. Such writing is often influenced by the person’s point of view, personal commentary (but also according to the subject). But the most important feature is the freshness of the subject. That is followed by information and background. 
This type of writing has emerged in all the newspapers today. Its importance has increased. The changes that have taken place in the last ten years due to the new economic policy; This has also resulted in a change in the context of the subject. Many such unexpected topics are found in journalism today. From the Pune Municipal Corporation election to the election in Iran, it can be the subject of all news papers. The diversity in giving this subject is also evident in this occasion. 
Here is a fresh example of this. We have noticed from the news that the number of accidents on Pune-Solapur road has been increasing recently. On his way to Solapur in June 2001, a senior Maharashtra Bank official was killed along with his wife and child in an accident near Mohol. Even before that, there were many accidents on this road and especially in this area. 
About two years ago, the founder of Bharati University, Dr. Chiranjeevi of Patangrao Kadam also died in an accident on this road. In this context, the daily ‘Sakal’ (Pune) Ta. An article titled ‘How to prevent accidents on Pune-Solapur road’ has been published in the June 21 issue. It should be noted that this is a very typical newsletter from the point of view of our study. 
In this article, the author has tried to explain the causes of accidents on this highway. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. But we may need to consider its causation. As mentioned earlier, an important article on a relevant topic is a newsletter. 
The 1994 article by Richard Kibble in London, entitled THE NEWSPAPERS HANDBOOK, states:
“News feature tend to contain more comment, analysis, color background and abgreater diversity of sources than new stories and explore a larger number of issues at greater depth. It is the extra length which accounts for many of the distinguishing elements of features. In particular , their intro, sections, where the overall tone of the piece is set, tend to be more colorful and varies in style than those of hard news. “
This means that a newsletter is written using more commentary, analysis, diverse backgrounds and a variety of sources of information. The important thing is that this type of writing is done only by going beyond the news. The same author has written emphatically at the end of it;
“A feature may argue a case, the personal views of the writer may be prominent. But the emphasis is still on the news.”
In other words, it is clear that the main focus should be on the news as the author / journalist expressed his / her personal opinion in the newspaper. To all the news writers we are writing about in the context of the news events; You have to be aware of it. The format of a newsletter can often be determined by topic. Writing with background of Municipal Corporation, Zilla Parishad elections or Vidhan Sabha-Lok Sabha elections can be given in a separate section. Corruption in a corporation is a part of such journalism. In recent times, this type of ‘newsletter’ has achieved an important thing and that is that a journalist who is actually at work can write this by commenting. These newsletters draw attention to the question of people’s intimacy.