Importance Of Newspaper In Our Daily Life | Usefulness Of Newspaper Essay

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 The Importance of Newspaper

importance of newspaper essay

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The importance of newspaper in our daily life has now become universal. Especially in countries with democratic regimes, the importance of the newspaper is definitely great. Every morning when the taste of hot tea is delicious, if there is a newspaper issue with it, even if the issue is a few minutes late, the taste of tea is less. 

The newspaper of a learned, thoughtful, conscientious society is a cultural necessity today. It needs to be understood from all sides. In the eyes of the common man, a newspaper is ‘Jehangir’s bell’. We all know this. Emperor Jahangir had tied a bell in his palace. When she played, the emperor would come out. Mostly oppressed people used to come there to express their grievances. As soon as the bell rang, the emperor would come out. 

It was the emperor’s attempt to alleviate the grievances of the oppressed. Similarly, the common man sees newspapers as ‘Jehangir Ghanta’. The common man comes to the newspaper when he is not appreciated by the government, the administration, the leaders, he still has faith in the court. But he does not have the financial strength to go there and run a lawsuit. So this common man runs to the newspapers with great confidence to call him Gyanba. 

Ordinary citizens look to the newspaper as a means of expressing their grievances in a democratic way. Apart from this, the place of the newspaper is also great in terms of teaching, providing information, entertaining, and preparing for enlightenment. 

In a developing country like India, the responsibility of a newspaper is huge. In the last five-six years, a number of television channels have been launched electronically to keep up with the latest news. In this age of competition, the importance of newspapers has not diminished in the slightest; It should be noted. 

How Did the Newspaper Era Began ?

importance of newspaper in our daily life

The era of printing presses began before the world of newspapers began. Newspapers were born because of the printing revolution. Thus the enlightenment of the world got a different speed and direction. Gutenberg of Germany started printing presses and laid the foundation of the information revolution in the 16th century. 

With all this evolution in mind, one has to look at the pages of the history of newspapers. The stages of the invention of printing in the 15th century, the beginning of printing in India in the 16th century, the British invasion of Indian soil in the 18th century through the Inst India Company, the turning point in the country’s enlightenment in the course of their cultural influence and the beginning of Indian newspapers. 

As mentioned earlier, the influence of electronic media has spread far and wide, but newspapers have remained an effective means of communicating and communicating with the people. The newspaper is a team production. Although electronic media has gained a foothold in cultural life over the last 10 years, it has had little effect on newspaper consumption. This is clearly indicated by the increasing consumption of newspapers. 

In general, a newspaper takes shape from the diverse nature of the news, the specific design of the editorial page, and the neat use of photographs. Generally, after 1986-87, there was a revolution in the field of printing and the production of newspapers started with the help of modern machinery. 

‘Photo Compose’ is the name of that phase or revolution. The operator who types on the computer screen; Those letters, the pictures appear. Composing these photos changed the interior of newspapers. Newspapers made from lino or monotype twist mice have now entered the age of ‘photo composing’. These changes were revolutionary, and Gutenberg’s 15th-century printing press invented the sophisticated form of the 20th century. 

Newspapers have changed their face by adopting new technology. The glittering world of television has never been able to keep up with newspaper headlines and their durability. Not only the common people but people from all walks of life still believe in the words that are printed in the newspapers today; It has not diminished. 

That is why, despite the advent of the new information age, newspaper consumption has not declined, but increased; This too should be noted.