Life Of Chandragupta Maurya

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Chandragupta Maurya 

Chandragupta Maurya Life

The first emperor and administrator When Alexander’s Greek army invaded the Punja When it was over, the Nanda kingdom of Dhanananda in the Magadha area Existed. 

This empire also covered the whole of India Was, but this empire became short-lived. Only forty years Nanda’s material survived.

Dhanananda was the last king of this kingdom It did not clash with the Greeks. Small and big in Punjab Alexander struggled to defeat the Republic.

So he avoided a conflict with the mighty Nanda. That already He withdrew. It is the tyranny of the Nanda Empire Dhanananda and The greedy administration was disrupted. 

Chandragupta Maurya and Chanakya was a political figure in the Nanda Empire due to his skillful politics. The revolution happened. Became independent and Chandragupta became Maurya Established the empire.

Much about Chandragupta’s childhood and early life Information is not available. 

Mudrarakshas roared His personality is portrayed in the play. From that he Nanda’s maiden son is born from a maiden named Mura. 

Buddhist tradition makes him the leader of the peacock group Son believes. Pippalivan, a group of peacocks in Buddhist times Was ruling the area. 

Maybe with this gang kingdom Chandragupta should be related. This means the founder of the Mauryan Empire Chandragupta was not a representative of such an established ruling class. 

An ordinary boy but of unusual intelligence. Of Chanyakya He came close and Chanyakya taught him Refined him. 

An effective personality out of it Realized. Freed the people from the tyrannical rule of the Nand kingdom He accepted the responsibility to do so. Etc. C. 

In 324 BCE, Chandragupta revolted against the Nanda emperor And established the Mauryan Empire. 

Nanda Empire Destroyed. An oppressive power in the form of Dhanananda came to an end. Chandragupta Maurya in setting the state clock after the establishment of Maurya power Attacked by Greek general Seleucus Nicator while busy Done.

All political power was concentrated. Small-large The state divided into states is not a strong unitary state Was transformed into an empire. 

The response to this transition  Seleucus appeared at the time of Nicator’s invasion. By Chandragupta Maurya Seleucus defeated Nicator’s Greek army unopposed. 

This conflict It happened in the year 305. I.e. Alexander’s Only twenty-two years after the invasion, politics in India The transition had built a strong empire.

Empire expansion

With six million infantry, according to Plutarch On the strength of a huge army, Chandragupta attacked almost the whole of India The state was established. 

In the Junagadh inscription of Rudradaman
Saurashtra is also mentioned to be dominated by Maurya. Thane Maurya is also a part of Maharashtra with Sopara inscriptions in the district Proved to be included in the empire. Also of Mumbai-Uran .

The large beach is reminiscent of the existence of peacocks Is. The implication was that the Mauryas had a direct influence on the whole of India.

From the Hindu Kush mountains, rather than from Kashmir, This vast continent stretches from Persia to Kerala. The
 Mauryan power that ruled the country is in the history of India
The first empire is power. 

If only this empire was true The administrative system was sealed. The same system went two A thousand years has existed with little difference. Administrative The names of the authorities and administrative departments kept changing The foundation remained the same.

Administrative system 

States, republics, Tribal states were small and large states in the form of territories Was. 

The only exception was Nanda’s Magadha kingdom. But Nanda’s kingdom lasted only forty years He did not get a chance to set up such an administration.

After the creation of the Mauryan Empire, this continent almost occupied the country The administrative system came into existence. In ancient times when there were no means of communication At that time it spread from Persia to the end of South India. 

It was really difficult to manage the region. Of Chandragupta Acknowledgment of administration skills in empire division and The administrative system is built. Of his empire Divided into several provinces. One on each province Prefect appointed. 

He is central like the recent governor The incumbents were the center of the empire and the east Pradeva was under the care of the king Division of Provinces .This arrangement of divisions and divisions into districts, of Maurya.