Terminology In The Field Of Newspapers and Media

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Press Line: An information frame to be published daily by law containing the name of the newspaper, the names of the editors, printers, publishers, the address of the place of printing and the place of publication, and the registration number of the newspaper.
Terminology In The Field Of Newspapers and Media
Editor: The person who coordinates the total editorial content of the newspaper. The editor is legally responsible for the content of the newspaper.

Bureau: Newspaper publication, office in a village / city other than the place of publication

Fourth Estate: Newspapers are considered as the fourth pillar in terms of democratic defense. Legislature, Newspapers are given the same importance as working papers and judiciary.

Deadline: Deadline for copying news and text.

Leader page Editorial page: A page containing front page articles, articles on the latest topics, readers

ABC (Audit Bureau of Surrealities): A government-approved mechanism for determining the official newspaper consumption figures.

Column: A column is a vertical and even section of a newspaper. There are 8 columns on a page.

Broadsheet: The size of a normal newspaper. This includes height and width.

Graphics: Recently, graphics of pictures, maps, tables are used for news highlighting from newspapers.

Feed-back: Feedback to a news or newspaper article.

Mask / head: The name of the newspaper will be published on the front page of the newspaper.

Modem: A computer-connected communication system

Must copy: A window that provides the necessary instructions. Many times this framework is in the form of apologies, revelations, new appeals.

Off-beat: Completely different news, often used as news | luman-interest story. It is possible to present a different topic than the usual news frame.

Rewrite: Instead of editing a copy of the news, make it a new revision.