What is Mean By Newspaper ?

 Definition Of Newspaper

‘Newspaper’ means news or news letter- means the newspaper which provides news, information. News is the main capital of any newspaper. A good, tasty, spicy meal requires spices and salt, as well as news for a good newspaper. It is on this original capital that the newspaper is formed and carried to perfection. 
What is Mean By Newspaper ?

We will learn in detail about the structure of news, their language. In this context, the ninth change is happening every day. From local contextual news to national and international news coverage, the world of newspapers has expanded. 

His awareness is important. From the reader’s point of view, a newspaper is a means of communication that informs the world around us and beyond. In that sense, the social value of a newspaper is special. In simple words, the events that take place around us are called news. It also provides new information and references. 

By informing the readers, by giving new references, newspapers make them knowledgeable, knowledgeable and curious. The news is fresh. Keeps track of the latest developments. So the present or current events come out of it. Newspapers are trying to maintain this freshness and novelty. From that, the credibility of the newspaper, its uniqueness is imprinted in the minds of the readers. It is okay to give one or two examples in this regard. 

The Prime Minister of India Lal Bahadur Shastri had gone to Soviet Russia for the Tashkent Agreement. Shastriji died at 1:32 pm on January 10, 2015. Ta. The news came just before the printing of Aaka on January 11. Nanasaheb Parulekar, the founder-editor of Sakal suggested to put aside the printed issue. Changed the front page and took the headline of the latest news and gave its issue to the readers in the morning. 

Even today, the nightly editors seem to be taking care that the news that comes late at night will be read in their issue immediately. The news often comes late at night during elections or during the transfers of government police officers. In the end it is possible to give them up to a certain time. Not possible after that. In the election the reader is curious as to which party nominated whom; 

Who was elected at the time of counting; Newspapers have to report in order to get answers to these questions. It is the job of the nightly editorial board to include late night news in the issue, taking into account its importance and reader interest. The more skillfully this board works, the more fresh the news in the issue stays and the more readers jump on the issue. News is the main resource of a newspaper. Let us know about it in detail now.